We need movie reviewers to write about “Two Days, One Night”

See Change have teamed up with the Lighthouse Cinema to send you to the movies.

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We are looking for people to review Marion Cotillard’s new movie Two Days, One Night (Deux jours, une nuit) which tells the story of a woman returning to work after suffering from depression to find out that her colleagues have chosen to take a bonus at the expense of her job.

The movie seems like a great starting point to discuss Irish attitudes mental health problems, particularly in the workplace context. 

Here’s a quick reminder of the picture painted by our research on workplace attitudes from 2012:

  • 57% believe that being open about a mental health problem at work would have a negative impact on job  and career prospects, up from 48% in 2010.
  • 47% believe that being open about a mental health problem at work would have a negative effect on a  person’s relationship with colleagues, up from 36% in 2010.

Interested? Email sorcha@seechange.ie and let us know which night you’d be available to attend a screening at the wonderful Lighthouse Cinema in Dublin’s Smithfield.

  • Mon 1 Sep 6.25pm
  • Tue 2 Sep 6.15pm
  • Wed 3 Sep 6.10pm

All we are looking for is your reflections on the movie and on how the other characters react to Cotillard’s characters’ mental health problem and recovery. You don’t need to be an excellent writer or have personal experience with a mental health problem, just an interest in encouraging conversation…

We’ll host your reactions here on our blog.

P.s. We couldn’t find screenings outside Dublin but if you spot one, we’d be happy to cover your ticket.



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