My mind is in turmoil,

There’s a weight on my chest.

I lie in bed all day, but I get no rest.

The things I used to do with relative ease,

Now terrify me and make me freeze.

When I close my eyes, I’ll never be free,

Demons and devils are all I can see.

But maybe I can escape from this relentless plight,

And slip away like a thief in the night?

So, I head on out for that final mile,

When I meet an old lady with a kindly smile.

I decided to stop, and soon I was reeling,

She touched me gently and asked; “How are you feeling?”

She listened attentively and allowed me to speak,

And the more that I told her, the less I felt weak.

When I stopped talking, I felt a great relief,

And couldn’t understand this new-found belief.

The lady reminded me that life is not fair,

And to lean on friends and family, that’s why they’re there.

I turned to thank her, but she was not to be seen,

Did I dream this encounter or what does it mean?

Then I sought out support, and now feel so blessed,

My mind is clear, and I no longer feel stressed.

So, if your mind is in turmoil, and you can find no peace,

Reach out for help and watch your torment decrease.

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