Ciara McCullough reflects on her first year as a See Change Ambassador. 

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Over a year ago , I became a See Change Ambassador and I can safely say, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

“A small stone, when thrown into the river, will make a small ripple at first, but someday, it will become a wave.” This was one of the most valuable lessons I learnt in the year I have been involved with See Change. Small acts, when multiplied by thousands of people, can change the world. This is the foundation on which See Change work on. They believe that if every person, was to do there own tiny bit to improve peoples minds and their attitudes towards mental health then it wouldn’t be long before the world began to change.

Being involved with See Change means that I am involved in a social change that will make a huge difference to peoples lives and I cannot think of anything better to be part of.

In 365 Days, I have being left with a feeling of being so empowered. I am sharing my story. I am using my voice. I am taking small steps to make big changes. This is what being an Ambassador is all about. I am passionate about making positive changes in the area of mental health and I have realised the most important thing anyone can realise- what is this???

One small act, can effect so many things. Last year , I took to my laptop, and with a million butterflies in my belly and two shaky hands, I started writing my story, i wrote about my battle, i wrote about my war. And with every word, i wrote and every paragraph i finished, I felt more and more nervous about sharing it online. Why? I was so scared that people would act differently towards me. I was afraid I would loose some friends. I was afraid that people would call me crazy, selfish and  worst of all I was afraid people would think I was looking for attention. But something deep inside my heart told me to share this, so I did.

I had just let Facebook, The world and everyone i knew, know about the war i was battling against my mind, and what i did and didn’t do. Everyone would now know that I had attempted my life on numerous occasions, Everyone would know that I used to sit and cry and not know why. Everyone would know that I had depression. But deep down, i thought, if i can help ONE SINGLE PERSON with this. If I can help someone realise that if they open up and speak about their thoughts and feelings  then it would change their life, Then i’d be happy.

Within 24 hours, I had received so many messages, texts, comments, etc from so many people that wanted to pass on words of encouragement, words of thanks and most of all i had people talk to me about their struggles and how reading my story gave them hope . Yes I did also have people leave negative comments, but there will always be those people who belittle you and try weight you down but i had helped someone realise there is hope.

My small little voice, had created so many ripples and was helping so many people and this gave me such a sense of happiness, i couldnt begin to try put into words. and i discovered that i had the power to change things and make a positive impact in peoples lives , and this is why being involved in See Change was such a great decision.

My story began to not only make ripples, but create waves. I spoke with Ryan Tubridy on RTE 2FM, Limerick Radio, Tipp Fm, and I appeared on the MIDDAY Show with SYBIL on TV3.

I hosted two successful Colour runs with SeeChange with over 900 Partipants , raising awareness and raising funds for mental health chairites.

What does it mean to me? It means having a voice. It means making a difference. It means changing lives. See Change support all this and make your ideas and thoughts and feelings known, and they help you and give you the guidance in whatever it is you want to do.

But it also means, Having FRIENDS, i have a group I can turn to who understand, who listen and who are there. Some of these people I have never met, some I have, but we are all there for each other on the good days and more on the bad days.

If your going to do anything in 2015, make a Ripple.”

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