The Irish Mirror wins the 2014 Voice Media Award

Irish Mirror Receives Voice Media Award

(L-R) John Saunders, Director, See Change, Rory Tevlin of the Irish Mirror and Jane Arigho, Headline

See Change collaborated with Headline, the national media monitoring agency for mental health and suicide to award The Irish Mirror the 2014 Voice Media Award for its excellent quality and quantity of media coverage given to people with self-experience. The award aims to recognise the important role played by media in giving voice to people with experience of mental health problems.

This marks the first time that a tabloid news publication has won a Headline award, marking the continued focus and commitment being given by newspapers like the Mirror to responsible coverage of mental health, suicide and stories of personal experience.

Headline works with journalists and media organisations to ensure that mental health and suicide related issued are responsibly covered in the media. Speaking on the awards, Jane Arigho, Media Project Coordinator at Headline said, “The media have a key role to play in how the public think about suicide and mental health problems. The Irish Mirror’s coverage of personal experience helps to remove the myths and stigma around mental health, playing a fundamental part in raising awareness around suicide and self-harm and destigmatising mental health problems.”

Headline is Ireland’s national media monitoring programme, working to promote responsible and accurate coverage of mental health and suicide related issues within the Irish media. Headline works with journalists, including the National Union of Irish Journalists, and media students to find ways to collaborate to ensure that suicide, mental health and mental illness are responsibly covered in the media. Headline provides information on reporting on mental health and suicidal behaviour, literature and daily analysis of news stories. Headline also serves as a vehicle for the public to become involved in helping to monitor the Irish media on issues relating to mental health and suicide.


Headline also provides free training and workshops to media professionals on the responsible reporting of issues related to mental health and suicide.For more information click here.

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