Stay Safe. Stay Connected.By Rick Rossiter Rick Rossiter See Change Ambassador, is a mental health advocate, a father and someone who experiences bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. He dedicates his time to helping educate others on the experience of living with a mental health difficulty. In this video, Rick shares some important reminders as...
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(audio recording of piece below) Covid-19 By Nick Groom “When we suffer from poor mental health, one of the last things we sometimes want to hear is, “Sure there are a lot of people feeling like that…” Not only can it feel very isolating, it can feel very dismissive too; that somehow what we are feeling...
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                              Tim O’Connor is a See Change ambassador from Limerick. He is a mental health advocate and also works in the mental health sector. After years of working in other job’s, Tim has found his work in mental health the most...
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See Change Ambassador Ellen Downey writes: There are so many support groups for people suffering with mental health difficulties in Ireland today. If you look, you’ll probably find one within a town radius….if you look… I often looked up support groups, would find one and then convince myself that if i went that the people...
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