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Does the Sunday night fear sound as familiar as the Glenroe theme tune? Turns out you’re not alone and See Change and St Patricks Mental Health Service have just the gathering for you. Join us on Sunday 24th May for a very special performance showcase as a finale to the national Green Ribbon campaign to get Ireland talking about mental health. We’ve got a...
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Interested in starting a conversation about mental health in your community, workplace or among your friends?  Challenging stigma is a role for all of us. See Change will be hosting a series of training workshops across the country for volunteers and anyone interested in getting a conversation going about mental health. The volunteer training workshops...
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Our ambassadors review the movie Frank that is being screened in cinemas across the country as part of First Fortnight, Ireland’s Mental Health Arts Festival.  See Change Ambassador review “For me, who has often felt ‘different’ and sometimes isolated because of lack of understanding, this is a superb stir-up on traditional perceptions of mental health issues.” Mental Health...
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