Darkness By Lucie Kavanagh   Battle Cry    It’s like being firmly clamped  between the jaws of…not a monster.  (That might seem impressive)  but something dark and slug–like, heavy,  that can pull you down simply by existing.    A sea monster would be swirly and brave.  It would be an adventure to survive, a...
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          My mind is in turmoil, There’s a weight on my chest. I lie in bed all day, but I get no rest. The things I used to do with relative ease, Now terrify me and make me freeze. When I close my eyes, I’ll never be free, Demons and devils...
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  She put it away with her innermost treasures, folded, linen-like in the dark chest of empty scent bottles and mothballs. She stepped outside. If the warmth wasn’t there, she would pretend it. The anger was red, a furious glow, but all her life, she swallowed it in place of all else, the dainty canapés...
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About the Make a Ripple campaign This series of blog posts are part of See Change’s Make a Ripple campaign, an online initiative to help end the stigma of mental health problems by sharing experiences and building shared understanding of the mental health problems that can affect any of us. Visit the Make a Ripple story...
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