See Change Workplace Pledge

By pledging to become a See Change workplace your organisation is making a commitment to completing the six steps of the See Change workplace programme.

Prior to signing the See Change workplace pledge, organisations must complete an action plan detailing how the organisation plans to achieve the six steps of the programme.

This is a statement of the organisation’s intent to work towards creating an open culture around mental health in the workplace and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.

Our 6-step workplace programme consists of the following:

Managerial Level (Address the needs of the organisation at managerial level)

1. Workshops for line managers
2. Policy overhaul and implementation

Staff-wide (Embed an open culture towards mental health across your organisation)

3. Mental health awareness/ wellness training
4. In-house mental health promotion

Public engagement (Make it official that you are a See Change workplace)

5. Engaging your stakeholders
6. Become an official See Change workplace by signing the workplace pledge

If you are interested in taking the See Change Workplace Pledge, please contact us at