See Change Workplace Pledge

By pledging to become a See Change workplace your organisation is making a commitment to completing the six steps of the See Change workplace programme.

To become an official See Change Workplace and receive a pledge certificate, organisations must complete an action plan and progress through each step of the programme.

The action plan is a statement of the organisation’s intent to work towards creating an open culture around mental health in the workplace and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.

Our Six-Step Workplace Pledge Programme consists of the following steps:

Managerial Level (Address the needs of the organisation at managerial level)

1. Train management: HR, senior leadership and line managers take part in See Change-led workshops that explore the topic of mental health and stigma.
2. Develop mental health policy: Develop mental health policy and implement it across the organisation.

Staff-wide (Embed an open culture towards mental health across your organisation)

3. Train & inform staff: Host training & events for mental health awareness, Green Ribbon campaign, wellness workshops.
4. Empower staff champions: Nominate, train and support staff champions to promote wellness & challenge stigma in the workplace.

Public engagement (Make it official that you are a See Change workplace)

5. Engage your network: Encourage everyone across your organisation to promote mental health awareness with your external network.
6. Earn your certificate: Your organisation will then become a See Change workplace and your name and logo will be displayed on our company’s website.

If you are interested in signing up to our See Change Six-Step Workplace Pledge Programme, please contact us at

See Change