See Change Workplace Certification Ceremony 2024

See Change in Your Workplace

See Change has identified the workplace as a key setting for social change around attitudes to mental health problems to take place.

Our goal is to help facilitate a cultural shift in workplaces so that employers and employees feel supported and secure in starting a discussion about how mental health can affect each one of us.

See Change has developed a six step pledge programme to help Irish workplaces create an open culture around mental health and play a role in challenging mental health stigma.

The programme includes workshops, templates and a suite of resource documents to help organisations and staff implement real change. To learn more about our Six-Step Workplace Pledge Programme, click here.

By signing up to the See Change workplace pledge, organisations are showing that they are committed to creating an open culture around mental health for managers and employees.

Creating workplace environments where people can be open and positive about their own and others’ mental health:

Enhancing diversity & inclusion initiatives
Enhancing organisation's reputation as a workplace that supports employee wellbeing
Increasing corporate and social responsibility levels in workplaces
Reducing the stigma related to mental health in the workplace and increasing the number of staff able to speak about their mental health needs
Assisting employers in developing systems to support the 1 in 4 employees experiencing mental health difficulties

Organisations who have signed up to our workplace programme can access our Workplace Online Hub here

To learn more about our Six-Step Workplace Pledge Programme, check out our FAQ document here

To sign up to our workplace programme, please contact

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