See Change Director, John Saunders, joins Lust for Life on the launch of their new podcast series

A Lust for Life has brought together some of the best and brightest minds in Ireland’s mental health sector on their podcast ‘Where There’s A Will’. See Change Director, John Saunders, will be partaking along with guests such as Dr Ciara Kelly, Brian Higgins (CEO of Pieta House), Dominic Layden (CEO of Aware) and many more, as well as 8 individuals with personal experience.

As part of a six-part series, they will answer such questions as: why is our mental health system so dysfunctional? Who is responsible for fixing it? And what can we, collectively, do to create long-term, systemic change? The podcast tackles the problems in the mental health system, covering stories of individuals failing to receive the help they need and systemic challenges within policy and infrastructure.

The introductory episode will air on Monday 12th Nov, with the rest of the series premiering Thursday 15th Nov. The podcast series is co-hosted by Paula McLoughlin, Chair and Acting CEO of A Lust for Life, and produced and co-hosted by Editor of A Lust for Life Ciara O’Connor Walsh.

The series will culminate in a live podcast episode recorded as part of the First Fortnight Festival in January, which See Change are also a part of.

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