Return to Work Booklet

A New Reality: Living with Covid-19

See Change and Mental Health Ireland are delighted to co-produce this guide to support people returning to the workplace after a prolonged period of Covid-19 measures. This has been an unusual and uncertain time for all of us. We hope you find the tips in this guide helpful.

Some of us may have previous experience of mental health challenges prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and for some of us mental health challenges might be new and unfamiliar. Some of us are returning to work and feeling anxious for the first time in our lives. Others have been managing our mental health since before the pandemic and may find that we are affected in new ways. Some of us may have been working hard to maintain our wellbeing without our usual mental health supports and services. This guide will help you understand anxiety brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and how you can improve your experience of returning to work. It also includes tips to help you manage your family and home life.

Download the guide here:

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