See Change Ambassador blogs for World Mental Health day – Sarah

Dignity, the mountain at my gates Written by See Change ambassador Sarah Bredin I’m sitting on my brother’s couch. He and his wife have left me with my nine-month old nephew for the first time. He’s asleep and they’ve gone to see a film about a disastrous outcome of the attempted commodification of an epic challenge....
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See Change Ambassador blogs for World Mental Health Day – Rick

This Lessening of Me Written by See Change ambassador Rick Rossiter Dignity… this word sounded almost foreign to my ears not so long ago, like something spoken about in fantasy movies or a period piece beaming with heroics and self-sacrifices that were no more relevant to me than living on Mars or Scaling Mount Everest...
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“Suicide Prevention Day is a day very important to me” Blog by See Change ambassador Mairead Carey

“Suicide Prevention Day is a day very important to me. I would not be here if it were not for the people who cared enough to make sure I was okay and that I got through. Back in my darkest days I could never have dreamt or imagined how good life could actually be. I...
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So, my neurotransmitters are a bit out of whack….does that give you the right to stigmatize me?

Elizabeth Ryan writes: I recently became a see change ambassador. See Change is an organization which aims to reduce the stigma of mental health issues and works to bring about positive change in public attitude and behavior towards people with mental health problems. Do you know what the stigma is? Have you thought about how...
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Come downs…

Ellen Downey writes: I feel I should apologise to everyone who read my last pieces. Apologise for making it sound easy about taking control of this problem. I know it’s not. What’s easy is talking and writing about it when you are on the other side. The good side. Getting there is what’s so hard....
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Lucie Kavanagh writes: My depression isn’t a black dog. An animal wouldn’t, couldn’t scare me as much as this does so I have to give it another image. What would it be? Nothing seems worthy of it except perhaps a cloak. A cloak that swished slowly down over two years ago, so slowly that I...
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Reflection on my journey

Mairead Carey writes: “Back in 2010 I started a new journey, one that changed my entire life. I could never have guessed how it would turn out. Back in 2010 I reached out for help for the first time, I was 24years young and I was so very lost. I was so confused about everything,...
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Bipolar opposites: his driving and my fasting

See Change ambassador Sarah Bredin writes about how inaccurate representation of bipolar disorder can make it much more challenging to be open Office astrology When I was lucky enough to be in India in 2012, my life’s one organised encounter with a mystical consultant yielded the following dietary advice. After sunrise on Tuesdays, you must...
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College life and it’s aftermath

My name is Ellen and I am a See Change Ambassador. Throughout the years I have suffered a mental health problem. It came to a head while at college, as it does for so many. What I can now see, coming out the other side of such dark moments, is how important it is for...
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