“It’s the hidden stories you hear from the public that always resonate with me”

See Change Ambassador Sandra Dillon shares her Green Ribbon Experience I found being involved this year really energised me just as much as the green ribbon awareness campaign did for other people I met. It’s the hidden stories you hear from the public that always resonate with me because more times than not I have...
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Green Ribbon SeeChange

Miriam – See Change Ambassador

See Change Ambassadors Sandra Dillon, Rick Rossiter, Abigail McDonnell, Miriam Dowling and Jen Ronan at the launch of Green Ribbon 2018 in the Mansion House, Dublin This May is Green Ribbon month, a time when we here at See Change encourage everyone to start conversations about mental health in order to reduce stigma. A large...
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Zoe Forde – See Change Ambassador

This May we will kick off our 6th Annual Green Ribbon campaign to end mental health stigma. A large part of our work would be impossible without the insight and expertise of our 60 ambassadors who share their stories of lived experience throughout the year to try create conversation around mental health. One such ambassador...
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World Mental Health Day, what does that really mean?

By Ambassador Rick Rossiter Today is World Mental Health Day, but what does that really mean? Is this the only day that we recognise our mental health? Or is it to bring about awareness to something that we should already be self-aware of? I know that these types of worldly or national days are to...
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Working really matters – See Change Ambassador Ray

By See Change Ambassador Ray I started working in Dublin in March 1987. I had been sent up from Limerick to get a job in the big smoke. Ireland was different then in many ways. Homosexuality was a criminal offence under the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. Marriage was for life, even if you...
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Green Ribbon 2017 Reaction- by See Change Ambassador Zoe Forde

Green Ribbon 2017 was my favourite year of the campaign so far. It was the year I started to see a real change in attitudes towards mental health. In 2017 I finally started to see those around me take part, without any prior prompting by me! Local workplaces, schools, and friends willingly signed up to...
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Infinitely Polar Bear Reviews

Review by See Change Ambassador Gormla Hughes: “God damn it you’re so mean.  I’m not your servant” (Faith Stuart, daughter) Infinitely Polar Bear was independently made.  Written and directed by Maya Forbes.  A film based on her own father who lived with a Bipolar diagnosis until his death in 1998 and who was the primary care...
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“When it’s not the most wonderful time of the year” by See Change ambassador Nicola Hynds

This piece by See Change Ambassador Nicola Hynds featured on a Lust for Life website: I always loved Christmas as a child but like most people the novelty wore off as I grew into adulthood. Battling with Schizophrenia for years, especially in my early twenties I struggled to put on a smile and join in...
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“It’s really hard to be experiencing a bad bout of depression during Christmas when everyone is ‘supposed’ to be happy”

Almost 65% of people have been hearing conversations about mental health among family and friends since the Green Ribbon 2016 (up from 62% in 2015), however Christmas can be a tough time for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Many mental health services are closed for the festive season, and spending extra time at home can...
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