Over 1 million conversations started by Green Ribbon campaign


1,656,654 conversations started on mental health during Green Ribbon 2014

Thanks a million1

In May 2014, See Change rolled out the second annual Green Ribbon campaign to get Ireland talking about mental health. 300,000 green ribbons were distributed nationwide and free of charge in conjunction with 505 grassroots events and initiatives.This social movement to encourage a national conversation about mental health was led by 90 See Change partner organisations, various workplaces and community groups, hundreds of supporters and volunteers and an unprecedented 50 campaign ambassadors with real-life experience of mental health problems ready to share their own stories to help others and end stigma.

Look what you and 1 simple ribbon achieved:

  • 1,201,783 was the potential reach of national media pieces alone (of a total of 149 media pieces including 75 ambassador stories)
  • 116,484 conversations started by volunteers and supporters (who organised 282 community events and initiatives)
  • 112,951 Green Ribbon promo materials distributed nationwide
  • 103, 484 conversations started by See Change partner organisations (who organised 116 Green Ribbon events and intiatives)
  • 58,083 online conversations
  • 31,380 conversations started in workplaces (where 107 Green Ribbon events and initiatives took place)
  • 984 gifted outdoor advertising spots by our distribution partners Irish Rail, Citizens Information as well as Dublin Bus and Frangos Dundrum.
  • 505 Green Ribbon events and initiatives in May 2014

How did we measure this? 1 interaction, attendee or green ribbon = 1 conversation



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