Notes on the Margin


This week’s Notes on the Margin are all about shedding light on and looking after our mental health


Members of the Dail are hoping to hit the high notes with the public this Christmas by taking part in a song to promote suicide awareness. Director of Pieta House, Deputy Derek Keating has invited 18 senators and TD’s to contribute in order to raise funds and to let people know that care and support is there for them. Harmony in the House


When three teenagers from Cumbria were told to switch off their games console and do their homework they decided to create their own computer game instead. The three boys, all with experience of Asperger’s syndrome decided to explore a world that they are familiar with, by creating a video game which sheds some light on mental health. Naked Edgar


Too many people are forgetting to look after their mental health these days. We have been following the ‘Note to Self’ tour by Reachout Ireland, which invites young people to write a note to themselves so they can remember to mind their mental health.

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