New ways to ‘Make a Ripple’

See Change’s online story-sharing portal ‘Make a Ripple‘ has now be updated so that there is now a variety of ways to share your support for the campaign, share your story or simply speak out against stigma.

As well as text, you can now submit images, audio files and Youtube links with your personal message to start a conversation about mental health and  ‘Make a Ripple’ to challenge the stigma of mental health problems. See there examples from Caroline, Stephen and Grace. 

Check out Grace’s Ripple here:

Just like before you can make your ripple directly at; You can post your ripple on See Change’s facebook page; You can tweet your ripple using the #makearipple hashtag –all will find their way to the Make a Ripple portal and each one will help change minds about mental health problems in Ireland and challenge stigma.

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