My Invisible Friend by Tim O’Connor



My Invisible Friend

by See Change Ambassador, Tim O’Connor


Just before I finished Secondary School a close friend said to me “You’re okay Tim – you have music”. 

That was completely true. But he was the first one to say it to me.  

All through the 1970s music was my hobby. I would follow up on the music press to find out who had a new releaseor who that musician was influenced by, or… 

In that sense I am sure music was a non-stop puzzle of going into the past and then listening to music from the present.  

And I went to whatever music gigs (always rock music) I could get to.  

I read gig reviews for the enjoyment and laughs. 

One reviewer finally brought a big smile to my face with the final line of one review: 

“It’s hard to make up your mind about these gigs all on your own”.  

(Maybe he meant: when you like a band you like them – no excuses to anyone.) 


These were the days before any portable music (i.e. the Walkman). 

What my friend from school meant was – there was always some song or thought of a song in my head. 

Music – probably over everything else – got me through. 

Anytime I was feeling very down in mood I lost interest in most things.  

When I was coming back to day-to-day life – music was the first interest to re-surface. 

Today I lift my mood by listening to music on my own.  


My hobby has somehow got me through. When I feel well – music helps me to feel more grounded in myself. I know what I like in life and I what I do not like.  


And that is important to me.  




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