Men’s Health Week 2016: The benefits of physical activity


mhw2016_badgesmallActivate your way to better health by choosing to be more active more often … This statement instinctively feels right. After all, what could be better for men than fresh air, exercise, teamwork, nature and camaraderie?

The case for choosing to lead a more active lifestyle is compelling – taking part in sport and physical activity can play a significant part in tackling poor health for men. Being physically active is a key element of living a longer, healthier and happier life.

When combined with healthy eating, participating in sport and physical activity can help you to: achieve and maintain a healthy weight; lower the risk of chronic diseases associated with being overweight; be a positive role model for your children (by inspiring them to be active and healthy); improve your mental health and wellbeing; be more social and make new friends (by being part of a sports club or group).

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