Make a Ripple: Don’t Give Up


About the Make a Ripple campaign

This series of blog posts are part of See Change’s Make a Ripple campaign, an online initiative to help end the stigma of mental health problems by sharing experiences and building shared understanding of the mental health problems that can affect any of us.

Visit the Make a Ripple story sharing portal and speak out against the stigma of mental health problems, read inspiring stories of recovery or share your story.If you’d like to write a longer piece, you can contact a member of the See Change campaign team


Here’s a poem by Make a Ripple contributor Margaret Lee, entitled Don’t Give Up.


Don’t Give Up


I see the walls are falling down around me

I see the rubble strewn around my feet

It’s too late now to pick up all the pieces,

I’m so far away you just can’t reach

I’d rather have my bones in plaster paris-

Then everyone could see what is wrong

But I’m the one who sits alone in silence

I’m the one who just can’t carry on

Help me find my way out of the darkness,

Deep down inside I know there is a way

And when you find your work with me is fruitless-

Don’t give up I beg of you to stay.



If you’ve been affected by any of the issues in raised here, or if you need to speak with someone, click through for a  list of organisations that can help.

See Change understands that there is a complex multiplicity of perspectives on mental health problems and the experience of being unwell. See Change encourages the publication of material that promotes understanding of mental health problems, the experience of being unwell, and recovery. The opinions expressed by contributors to the Make a Ripple campaign are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of See Change, funders, or partner organisations.

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