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Ciara’s Story

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was sixteen. I’m twenty now and have been on and off medication for the past four years.

I have highs and lows, lows when I don’t get out of bed for weeks and highs when I think I’ll never be that low again. I’m currently going through a low, depression has never left me but I am in college and holding down a job, I have friends.

Unfortunately much of the stigma I have come up against has been from health care professionals who should know better than to expect me to ‘just get over it’.

Depression is a terrible disease which ruled my life for a long time. However, it IS possible to live with it and have a good life, its not always easy but it is possible.

I stand against the stigma and ignorance in this country about depression and I put my name to this story because I am not ashamed for having depression and I fight against the people who think I should be.



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