Make 2022 the Year for You By Lauren Gaffney



Make 2022 the Year for You

by See Change Ambassador, Lauren Gaffney

And so, a new year begins. January is here, and it can be challenging to beat the winter blues and get stuck in on those new year resolutions that seem to be flooding social media feeds and newspaper articles. Daily life is tough and returning to a routine after the Christmas period can leave us feeling a bit unsettled. Add another year of Covid-19 into the situation and there’s no denying that January is just a flat month overall. 

I’m not one for buying into the new year, new me mantra that seems to be trending, but prefer to think of it as new year, same me but with some added self-care rituals that we can all introduce into our daily routine. Right now, it’s about embracing each day as it comes and learning to be kinder to our mind and body. Self-care can look different for everybody and so its important to find the little things that help you to get through each day and even put a smile on your face. When I say self-care, I’m not just talking about relaxing, its about taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  

What better time than a fresh new year to begin establishing your own wellbeing rituals for your self-care whilst also beating the January blues? 

After the blurry Christmas period that consisted of eating, walking, watching movies and lounging around in pyjamas with no routine, I’m looking forward to setting some goals and waking up each day with fresh energy! I have had some time to think about what areas of my life I need to put energy into and have some ideas that I would like to share with you.  

Self-care for me means putting aside little moments each day and doing things that make me feel good about myself. I like to start each day with a gentle stretch and some breathing. This can be for as little as 5 mins or as long as one hour. The time doesn’t matter but what’s important is being able to connect with your mind and body for a few moments. As someone who has a busy mind, I like to ground myself before the day begins. Developing a morning routine has so many positives and it’s something I encourage everyone to do. I set an alarm each day as I like to stick to a routine even if I have nothing else planned for the day. Taking control of my morning has helped me throughout all the lockdowns, of which there has been so many! 

Other things I like to do is listening to a podcast while going on a walk. Some days I like to listen to something educational, other days I need some cheering up and will search for a light-hearted episode, sometimes I listen to guided breathing podcasts if I am feeling overwhelmed and some days, I prefer to listen to the birds chirping and the trees blowing and leave my phone at home.  

The start of the year can be a great time to make dietary changes. Finding your own balance can mean cooking more often, adding an extra portion of fruit into your day or drinking more water. It’s not about making dramatic changes or being too strict with yourself, but rather making healthier choices that will make you feel energised and well in yourself and able to fight off any January blues! 

Get creative. After you have done your to-do list for the day, it’s important to focus on doing something you enjoy. Make life fun. This year I’m going to try and plant herbs and get some indoor plants and try not to kill them! Maybe you might like to try knitting a scarf or doing a jigsaw puzzle or baking a cake for someone’s birthday. Try something new and allow yourself to be a beginner. 

Another way of taking care of yourself could be to develop a skin care routine each day. Drink water, wash your face and buy yourself some moisturising cream. Switching off your phone in the evening and spending a few moments to look after your body can help you to drift off to sleep and log off for the day.  

Self-care, as I mentioned, will look different for everyone. Its not about comparing your life to someone else’s life that you see when you endlessly scroll on social media. Instead, it’s about logging off social media and logging into yourself and make YOUR life a priority. You are the most important person in your life so why not start off the new year with some self-care goals and a positive mindset. I always like to remind myself, that everyday may not be a good day, BUT, there is something good in the everyday! 



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