Introducing the New Shine Brand


Introducing the New Shine Brand


Today, our parent organisation Shine is delighted to reveal their new look and their new website:

“Following on from Shine’s 40th celebration in 2019, we felt that it was a perfect time to create a new, fresh and contemporary look for Shine to lead us into the next 40 years providing support to people with lived experience of mental health difficulties and their families. The new look will help us to continue to build our profile, increase the visibility of our organisation and reach those who need Shine services.

In line with our vision of an Ireland where all those affected by mental ill health have the right to recovery and the opportunity to achieve the best quality of life, we want to ensure that information and access to our services is easily available to everyone. We are proud that our new website and new Shine information leaflets all hold the Plain English mark. Our new website distinctly sets out what services Shine provides, how to access them and clear information on mental health and recovery.

Our new logo is influenced by the lighthouse, focusing on the beams of light. The lighthouse has been a consistent element of the Shine (and before Schizophrenia Association of Ireland) logo for many years. It embodies the idea of guidance and support. The beams ‘reach out’ beyond the box, reflecting how Shine reaches out to support people affected by mental health difficulties and their families. The beams also focus inwards – a navigational aid, a guide, symbolising one’s personal recovery journey.

Our colours set the tone of our identity through their meaning and the subconscious emotional response they evoke. Purple can have calming effects over the mind and nerves, it can be uplifting and trigger creativity. Turquoise can be connected to calmness and peace and is also linked to emotional balance. Looking at this colour gives a feeling of serenity and stability.

We hope that like our new look as much as we do and that you find our new website informative, easy to navigate and engaging. We look forward to building on our new brand over the coming months and years.”


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