Information for Managers

What a manager can do to support someone who may be experiencing a mental health problem:
Take time to talk to the person privately: Ask them if something is wrong but take your steer from them
Be honest in assessing the employee’s recent performance
Don’t make assumptions on what someone can and can’t do
Ask the person what would help them at work: Find out what reasonable accommodation means and what the law says
Treat them with respect (in the language you use and the attention you give to them) and act as a model to encourage other colleagues to do the same
Be aware that changes, restructuring or the risk of redundancy can be particularly difficult
Suggest that the individual asks for advice from their occupational health advisor or contact any support services the organisation uses. the company’s Employee Assistance Programme
Keep the dialogue going (even is a person is on sick leave)

You can find more information on reasonable accommodation in ‘Equality and mental health: what the law means for your workplace’.

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