Information for Employees

Getting support from your employer

If you are finding work stressful or are finding it difficult because of a mental health problem, then your employer should be able to offer you support.

Under Equality Law, employers are obliged to make appropriate measures so that employees who have a disability, including people with experience of a mental health problem, can access, participate and advance in employment.

Examples of reasonable accommodation:

  • Adjusting working hours
  • Adjusting tasks
  • Providing time off to attend counselling/medical appointments
  • Phased return to work after someone has been on sick leave

All measures should be taken in consultation with the employee and should be reasonable for the organisation.

You can find more information in the leaflet ‘Equality and mental health: how the law can help you’ below, including information on:

  • Disclosure of a mental health problem
  • Equality law
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Discrimination

See Change workplace programme briefing documentEquality and mental health:

How the law can help you