I Once Knew a Man, by Rick Rossiter


I Once Knew a Man

by See Change Ambassador, Rick Rossiter


“I once knew a man, from the first glance I talked to him I knew him to be a good man. 

His presence was seemingly still but you knew that it was immense. 

His smile was endearing and yet mischievous in the same glance. 

He was someone that I wanted to call a friend. 


I once knew a man, from a second glance would make you to want to speak to him. 

His words would make you think, to wonder through your thoughts so carefree. 

His voice was calm, almost to a near whisper and yet it echoed loudly into my ear. 

He was a person that I could call a friend. 


I once knew a man, from the third glace he pulled me forward wanting to understand him more. 

His thoughts were always on the surface although they were truly deep. 

His way of thinking made you to think twice upon your own ideals. 

He was a man that I would truly be his friend. 


I once knew a man, from the fourth glace he finally showed me his fears. 

His flaws where hidden from me as well as his troubles and concerns. 

His pain was never apparent, like most of us he was able to hide it from most. 

He was a friend in pain, a friend that was tired and needed to rest. 


I once knew a man, a man that I shall never see again. 

His time on this earth allowed him to walk in many shoes and touched many lives. 

His presence   may be gone and yet he leaves behind precious memories and stories to be told. 

He was family and a friend to so many, he was a man known throughout many hearts. 


I will miss you my friend, a man named Ray, a man that I loved and felt honored to have known. 

I became apart of your life and was mixed in with some of your stories. 

I shall remember you fondly, with a smile, a slit smirk and of the banter we once shared. 

I hope you will find a peaceful place to rest and wherever you are now, safe journey. 

My Friend.”


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