Three in Four people are talking about mental health after the 2017 Green Ribbon Campaign

To mark World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2017, we are releasing our 2017 Green Ribbon 17 Impact Report which shows three out of four (75%) people in Ireland are talking about mental health due to the campaign. This is a 4% increase since the 2016 Green Ribbon Campaign.


The 5th annual Green Ribbon Campaign ran throughout the month of May this year. Hundreds of local and national events took place as part of the national Green Ribbon calendar. The  public awareness campaign is designed to end mental health stigma by encouraging people to talk about mental health throughout the country. The demand for Green Ribbons in 2017 was unprecedented with over 500,000 ribbons distributed by the 8th day of the campaign. We would like to thank all of our 100+ partners and 60 ambassadors who made Green Ribbon 2017 possible. 

Mental Health in the Workplace is the focus of World Mental Health Day this year. Research published in 2016 showed that mental health and substance use disorders constituted 10.4% of the global burden and accounted for more economic costs than diseases such as cancer and diabetes. A national omnibus survey conducted ahead of the Green Ribbon Campaign this year showed that almost 7 in 10 people are willing to work with someone who has a mental health difficulty, however only 4 in 10 people would want their colleagues to know they have a mental health problem.

You can read the whole report here.

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