Green Ribbon

Green Ribbon Campaign

The annual See Change Green Ribbon campaign aims to spread awareness about all mental health difficulties to help end mental health stigma and discrimination.

Shine CEO Nicola Byrne with Minister for Mental Health, Mary Butler, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste and See Change Ambassador Daniela Ferro

Green Ribbon

This year, we are celebrating 12 years of the Green Ribbon campaign, which will run across the month of September. Across the month, See Change will be hosting events, running social media campaigns and supporting workplaces, organisations and the general public across Ireland to start having open and honest conversations about mental health.

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Green Ribbon Events 2023

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What is the theme of Green Ribbon 2023?

The Green Ribbon theme for 2023 is judgement. Across the month, See Change will explore what mental health judgement is, where it shows up across society, how judgement impacts people with mental health difficulties, and what we call all do to help end the unfair judgement of ourselves and others.

Keep an eye on our social media channels to learn about shame and the negative impacts it can have on people with mental health difficulties.

Green Ribbon Weekly Themes

Week 1

What is judgement

(1st-3rd September)

During this week, we will look at what judgement is in the context of having a mental health difficulty. We will explore why and how we judge others (consciously or subconsciously).

*Dublin launch event this week on Friday 1st September

Week 2

Where judgement shows up in society

(4th-10th September)

We will provide information about what mental health judgement looks like in society and how it can negatively impact a person with mental health difficulties. *Cork launch event this week on Tuesday 5th September *World Suicide Prevention Day falls on Sunday of this week, 10th September

Week 3

What judgement feels like

(11th-17th September)

The focus for this week will be on what it feels like to be judged. We will be sharing stories from people with lived experience of mental health judgement, stigma and discrimination and how it made them feel from a mental health perspective.

Week 4

Behaviours of judgement

(18th-24th September)

We will be exploring some of the behaviours of being judged and judging others, including exclusion, discrimination and unconscious bias.

Week 5

A week to see change – what can we do to help end the judgement of ourselves and others?

(24th-30th September)

For our final week, we will be focusing on the practical things that we can all do to help end mental health judgement. We will also launch our 2023 Pass the Ribbon video this week.

Our Work

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