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Green Ribbon Campaign

Green Ribbon

The annual See Change Green Ribbon campaign aims to spread awareness about all mental health difficulties to help end mental health stigma and discrimination.

This year, we are celebrating 10 years of the Green Ribbon campaign, which will run across the month of September. Across the month, See Change will be hosting events, running social media campaigns and supporting workplaces, organisations and the general public across Ireland to start having open and honest conversations about mental health.

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Green Ribbon Events 2022

Green Ribbon launch events:

It is See Change’s hope that the Dublin and Cork Green Ribbon launches for 2022 will be in-person events. However, should any future Covid-19 restrictions be enforced by the government in the run up to the events, See Change will host both launch events via Zoom Webinar.

For more information about the Green Ribbon campaign for 2022, check out our FAQ document HERE.

What is the theme of Green Ribbon 2022?

The Green Ribbon theme for 2022 is shame. Across the month, See Change will explore what shame is, how shame presents itself and how shame impacts people with mental health difficulties.

Our tagline for this year and for the Green Ribbon campaign is: There is no shame in having a mental health difficulty.

Keep an eye on our social media channels to learn about shame and the negative impacts it can have on people with mental health difficulties.

Green Ribbon Weekly Themes

Week 1: Understanding the topic of shame (1st-2nd September)

During this week, we will look at what shame is (with a focus on chronic/toxic shame), including our history of transgenerational shame in Ireland, what causes shame, and the triggers that people living with shame experience.

*Dublin launch this week on 1st September

Week 2: What shame looks like (5th-9th September)

We will provide information about what shame looks like in society and how it can negatively impact a person with mental health difficulties.

*Cork launch this week on 6th September

*World Suicide Prevention Day falls on Saturday of this week, 10th September

Week 3: What shame feels like (12th-16th September)

The focus for this week will be on the emotions of shame, including our thoughts and feelings. We will be sharing stories from people with lived experiences of shame, stigma and discrimination and how it made them feel from a mental health perspective.

Week 4: Behaviour of shame (19th-23rd September)

We will be looking at some of the behaviours of shame by highlighting the different categories of shame (including the mind, body, culture and values), as well as the defence strategies of shame.

Week 5: A week to see change – what is the antidote to shame? (26th-30th September)

For our final week, we will be focusing on how validation and unconditional acceptance are the antidote to shame.

Our Work

Click the links below to watch previous Green Ribbon launch events and other initiatives we have completed as part of the 2021 campaign:

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