Green Ribbon Campaign 2016 Supporters Pack

The fourth annual and biggest ever Green Ribbon campaign launches on May 1st. Thank you for your continued support in opening a national conversation about mental health.

Below you’ll find lots of images to download and deck out your profiles and websites in green for May. If you can’t download these images, they are available online at

Here are 9 ways you can show your support and help get the message out to your contacts: 

1) Order your free ribbons online:

If you would like to place an order for 50 green ribbons ore more, please order here:  Throughout May, you can pick up individual ribbons at major Irish rail stations nationwide. What we are asking people to do is simple – wear the Green Ribbon and show your support for ending the silence around mental health problems.

2) Add the Green Ribbon logo to your websites, pictures and correspondence:

Green Ribbon logo

Download here: ​

 Green Ribbon logo

3) Wear the Green Ribbon on your profile picture

Add a ribbon badge to your social media profiles in 3 clicks here

4) Join the conversation on National Time to Talk Day

Use the hashtag #TimeToTalk on the 20th of May 2016 to mark Time to Talk Day and add your voice to the conversation to end mental health stigma. Check out the Green Ribbon Twitter account @GreenRibbonIrl where our ambassadors will be leading the discussion and sharing their experiences.

5) Get a Green Ribbon banner for your own Facebook page:

Download here

6) Get a Green Ribbon banner for your organisation’s Facebook page:


Download here

7) Get the Green Ribbon email signature:

Download below or or If you’re using Gmail, simply add this URL to your signature settings:​​​

 Email Banner (1).jpg

8) Add the Green Ribbon bloggers badge to your blog:

Blog badge_gr

Download here:​

 Blog badge_gr.jpg

9) Add a piece about the Green Ribbon campaign to your newsletters

Let’s get talking about mental health this May. Support the Green Ribbon campaign.

See Change, the National Stigma Reduction Partnership has launched the fourth annual Green Ribbon Campaign, to promote open discussion of mental health during May 2016.

Throughout May, hundreds of local and national events will take place as part of the Green Ribbon national calendar.  This social movement to encourage a national conversation about mental health is led by 90 partner organisations, hundreds of volunteers and an unprecedented 70 campaign ambassadors with real-life experience of mental health problems ready to share their own stories to help others and end stigma.

  • Pick up your Green Ribbon at one of the various community events on the national Green Ribbon calendar and at major Irish Rail stations nationwide.
  • Take part in National Time to Talk Day on Friday May 20th by simply making the time and space for a conversation about mental health with family, friends and colleagues. Join the conversation online at #TimetoTalk

Here’s our top tip for starting that conversation: You don’t have to be an expert to start talking about mental health or have all the answers. Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is to let someone know that you are there for them and simply listen.

We often hear that we need to talk more about mental health and the simple and free Green Ribbon provides a practical way of turning that into action. The 500,000 people who will be wearing Green Ribbons this May will not only be showing their support for the campaign but also leaving the door open for conversation. For someone who might be going through a tough time, just knowing that they don’t have to avoid the subject with you can make all the difference.

Are you ready to start your conversation?

Don’t forget to send details and photos from your events and initiatives to so we can promote them online. 

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