Green Ribbon 2014 Impact Report released


Today, we’re proud to  launch our  Green Ribbon 2014 Impact Report on the campaign that saw over 500 events and initiatives take place in communities and workplaces across the country, 300,000 Green Ribbons distributed free of charge at Irish Rail stations and Citizens’ Information locations nationwide and the collaboration of 90 partner organisations, hundreds of volunteers and 50 ambassadors to achieve 1.6 million conversations about mental health.

Over one million conversations about mental health were started during the Green Ribbon campaign of May 2014 and according to research conducted by Millward Brown Landsdowne,  7 in 10 Irish adults feel more comfortable in having a conversation about mental health since the campaign.

Download: Green Ribbon 2014 Impact Report

Green Ribbon 2014


Among the key findings from Millward Brown Landsdowne was that a growing number of Irish adults have been hearing conversations about mental health among family, friends and at work since the Green Ribbon campaign.

  • 7 in 10 say they now feel more comfortable in having a conversation about mental health.
  • 66% say the Green Ribbon campaign has encouraged them to start conversations about     mental health.
  • 62% have been hearing conversations about mental health among family and friends since the campaign (up from 52% in 2013)
  • 53% have been hearing mental health conversations in their workplaces since the campaign (up from 44% in 2013)

Launching See Change’s Green Ribbon Impact Report, Director John Saunders said; “These findings on how the simple Green Ribbon symbol prompted increased discussion of mental health  paint an inspiring picture of towns and communities across Ireland embracing more open attitudes to their own and others’ mental health.”

He continued “We are especially encouraged by the increase in conversations in Irish workplaces. Strong leadership and initiatives by our partners at Ibec, Deloitte, Hewlett Packard and others as part of the Green Ribbon campaign can have an impact on what remains one of the last taboos between employees and colleagues.”

Here’s how one simple ribbon achieved 1.6 million conversations about mental health:

  • 1,201,783 was the potential reach of national media pieces alone (of a total of 149 media pieces including 75 ambassador stories)
  • 116,484 conversations started by volunteers and supporters (who organised 282 community events and initiatives)
  • 112,951 Green Ribbon promo materials distributed nationwide
  • 103, 484 conversations started by See Change partner organisations (who organised 116 Green Ribbon events and intiatives)
  • 58,083 online conversations
  • 31,380 conversations started in workplaces (where 107 Green Ribbon events and initiatives took place)
  • 984 gifted outdoor advertising spots by our distribution partners Irish Rail, Citizens Information as well as Dublin Bus and Frangos Dundrum.
  • 505 Green Ribbon events and initiatives in May 2014

How did we measure this? 1 interaction, attendee or green ribbon = 1 conversation

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