Written by See Change Ambassador Lucie Kavanagh:

Dealing with myself this morning was like bargaining with a small child. I’ll get up…in five minutes. I’ll get dressed…only if it can be a tracksuit day (actually scratch the small child bit-they at least would care how they look).

Today is also Mayo Day. I had decided to distribute Green Ribbons around the market stalls and various festivities in my town. Just the sight of it all being set up yesterday sent shivers through me. No, won’t be able for that. Need to hide until it’s all over.
But still…I was torn between not wanting to venture out and wanting to carry out my plan. The bargaining continued. If I bring my dog, if I can just scrape my hair back and throw a coat over me…dressing up is not an option.
And I did it. Despite managing to lose two boxes of Green Ribbons (yes, you heard me) and the ensuing rifle in all my household ‘safe places’ to locate them; despite ‘that’ tiredness and general sense of can’t be bothered, I found the part of me that was bothered and ran with it. Thank you See Change for helping keep that part of me alive.
I did adopt one or two avoidance skills admittedly. One was turning up before the event started and handing ribbons to the stall holders while things were quiet. This was nice though, more chatting time and I was delighted that people remembered my posts on Facebook about it. One or two people were aware that I’m in difficulties and off work and their supportive greetings were very appreciated.
I then went to take a photo to show that the Green Ribbon has made it to Ballyhaunis. I really was not presentable for a photo but Maisie took on the role!
Last year I organised a coffee morning. This year organisation hasn’t been my strong point but I am determined to flood the locality with ribbons one way or another. May starts tomorrow.  I have my relocated boxes of ribbons and the bit of determination that also tends to get mislaid.
I know that I did not do much in the way of starting a conversation this morning.  I know I’ll get there but this morning was just a brief olive branch moment.  I am hoping, however, that in the crowds enjoying the stalls at this moment, might be those few people who can take comfort from the sight of Green Ribbons and let it be a start of their own.

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