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How can I get involved?There are lots of ways – big and small – that you can get involved with See Change. Your involvement will help us change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. Here are a just a few things that you can do if you’d like to be a part of See Change:

  1. Sign up for updates, competitions and news from See Change
  2. Tell your story and help us change minds about mental health problems in Ireland
  3. Join the conversation and our growing community on facebook
  4. Talk to us on twitter
  5. Hold an event or awareness raising initiative in your local community
  6. Chat to us about an idea you have

Hold a See Change event

We’re asking people to organise local and regional activities across the country to help change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. See Change is all about bringing people together through social contact and breaking down the stigma associated with mental health problems.

By working together we can spread the messages of the programme throughout Ireland and involve local communities in the See Change movement. Reducing stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems is a huge task and will only be achieved by working together.

By becoming involved with the See Change programme, your organisation/community will:

  • Inform staff and members about mental health stigma and discrimination
  • Raise awareness of stigma and discrimination in your community
  • Empower people with mental health problems to share their experiences and take action to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Have the opportunity to work with a wide range of organisations to take action to reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Benefit from the support and the resources of the See Change team
  • Have access to campaign materials and resources
  • Be associated with a high level national campaign

See Change will help you out with your event in whatever way we can by providing the following:

  • Advice and tips on organising your event.
  • Promotional material for your event if required.
  • Promotion of your activity on the See Change website and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Key messages

There are some key messages that the See Change campaign is trying to spread. These messages should be a key part of the publicity for See Change activities and the event itself.

  • Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time during their lives.
  • People with mental health problems can and do recover.
  • People affected by mental health problems are entitled to the same human rights as everybody else in society without discrimination.
  • Every person – whether you have been personally touched by mental health problems or not – has the power to help stop the stigma and discrimination of mental health problems.


Download the See Change Action Toolkit for lots of useful tips on organising an event or give us a call on (01) 860 1620. You can email us at

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