Documentary on Newstalk: WRAP Radio – Ireland’s Journey


See Change ambassador Victoria Enright travels throughout Ireland to track the changing face of our society’s mental health culture. ‘WRAP Radio’ – Ireland’s Journey’, is a broadcast which seeks to challenge our mindsets and tune us into being a WRAP Nation; a society, where, when we hear the word mental, we don’t think crazy.

Victoria explains “WRAP is the Wellness Recovery Action Programme and is currently being quietly and successfully rolled out throughout Ireland. In ‘WRAP Radio’ – Ireland’s Journey’, Producer Victoria Enright takes an inside look at how WRAP translates into Irish people’s everyday lives. In essence, WRAP Radio, is a Wellness Toolbox. An Operation Transformation for the Mind – or a head-check if you will … Most importantly, ‘WRAP Radio’ drives home the message of hope to the very many persons whose hearts have broken open.

Individuals explain just what the experience was like to create His or Her Wellness Toolbox – how was it for them – the Pre and Post WRAP of it all – the journey of ‘WRAP’ and because of it, in real and practical terms, the difference it has made in their lives.”

Made with the support of Genio and the Copeland Center. For more on WRAP see

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