By See Change Ambassador Ray I started working in Dublin in March 1987. I had been sent up from Limerick to get a job in the big smoke. Ireland was different then in many ways. Homosexuality was a criminal offence under the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. Marriage was for life, even if you...
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See Change has identified the workplace as a key setting for social change around attitudes to mental health problems to take place. Our goal is to help facilitate a cultural shift in workplaces so that employers and employees feel supported and secure in starting a discussion about how mental health can affect each one of...
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IBEC: Mental Health and Wellbeing: A Line Manager’s Guide This guide provides information and direction for line managers in promoting mental wellbeing for all and understanding and supporting employees experiencing mental health problems while in the workplace. It highlights strategies to manage issues related to mental health in the workplace. It is a source of practical...
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Getting support from your employer If you are finding work stressful or struggling because of a mental health problem then your employer should be able to offer you support. Under Equality Law, employers are obliged to make appropriate measures so that employees who have a disability, including people with experience of a mental health problem,...
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What a manager can do to support someone who may be experiencing a mental health problem: Take time to talk to the person privately: Ask them if something is wrong but take your steer from them Be honest in assessing the employee’s recent performance Don’t make assumptions on what someone can and can’t do. Ask...
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By pledging to become a See Change workplace your organisation is making a commitment to completing the six steps of the See Change workplace programme. Prior to signing the See Change workplace pledge, organisations must create an action plan detailing how the organisation plans to achieve the six steps of the programme. This plan is...
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