World Mental Health Week
By Ambassador Rick Rossiter Today is World Mental Health Day, but what does that really mean? Is this the only day that we recognise our mental health? Or is it to bring about awareness to something that we should already be self-aware of? I know that these types of worldly or national days are to...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Úna-Minh Kavanagh: When I started college, talking about your mental health wasn’t on the cards. With phrases like “mad in the head”, “psycho” and “looney” being thrown around casually, there was a sense that this wasn’t something to talk about or you’d be branded “one of them” too. I live with...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Hazel Larkin, for World Mental Health Day 2016: ‘As one warrior to another, I salute you,’ he said. More than anything else Dermot* had uttered during the call – which had lasted one hour and eight minutes – that statement arrested me.  I knew enough about Dermot to know that...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Adam Coleman: What comes to mind when you think of Mental Health? Do any of us really understand it to the full extent? Why is it such a sensitive topic? These are all questions today’s generations should be asking themselves. There is no denying the importance of mental health today....
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Dignity, the mountain at my gates Written by See Change ambassador Sarah Bredin I’m sitting on my brother’s couch. He and his wife have left me with my nine-month old nephew for the first time. He’s asleep and they’ve gone to see a film about a disastrous outcome of the attempted commodification of an epic challenge....
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This Lessening of Me Written by See Change ambassador Rick Rossiter Dignity… this word sounded almost foreign to my ears not so long ago, like something spoken about in fantasy movies or a period piece beaming with heroics and self-sacrifices that were no more relevant to me than living on Mars or Scaling Mount Everest...
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