Written by See Change Ambassador Lucie Kavanagh A few weeks ago I had a conversation at a party that I forgot until very recently. It was a party that was incredibly hard for me to go to, but really important that I was there. Because of the overall effort at surviving it it’s only now...
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 Written by See Change Ambassador Jack McCann I have had quite bad times with my mental health over the past 18 months to 2 years, I will hold my hand up and say that from the get go.  I have to be honest with myself when writing about my experiences before being honest with you...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Derek Devoy: It’s not easy writing or talking about your problems to anyone. People will take from a story what they want. Having depression is awful, it takes over your life and feelings.You DON’T understand it or know how it feels unless you have had it and I hope for those...
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