Let’s rewind to Christmas. The most magical time of the year. The most magical time of the year, that is unless you struggle with an Eating Disorder. Christmas is demanding for everyone, but if like me you have anorexia (or any eating disorder), it becomes incredibly difficult to navigate.   To the normal...
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See Change Ambassador, Abigail McDonnell, reminds us to be kind to ourselves this winter.                                               “This winter has hit me harder than any previous year.   Previous to this college year I had...
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This piece by See Change Ambassador Nicola Hynds featured on a Lust for Life website: I always loved Christmas as a child but like most people the novelty wore off as I grew into adulthood. Battling with Schizophrenia for years, especially in my early twenties I struggled to put on a smile and join in...
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Almost 65% of people have been hearing conversations about mental health among family and friends since the Green Ribbon 2016 (up from 62% in 2015), however Christmas can be a tough time for people experiencing mental health difficulties. Many mental health services are closed for the festive season, and spending extra time at home can...
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Mentally strained: realities of the unemployed Posted by Úna Kavanagh on her blog on 17th Jan 2015 “Today I started my routine of waking up and wondering if I was useful. Naively I thought that unemployment wouldn’t affect me as much as it would but instead I’ve been overwhelmed constantly by sense of panic that escapes...
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See Change youth panel member, Aisling Concannon wrote this excellent blog for the in December 2012.   Coping with the winter blues Winter is here once again, unfortunately with the excitement of Christmas and the possibility of snow comes the downside – the winter blues. Irish weather, cold days and long nights ensure we...
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