Briefing for members of the 31st Dail

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Putting stigma on the political agenda

See Change is committed to ensuring that tackling the stigma of mental health problems is recognised as a key priority for all parties in the 31st Dail. We’ve been pleased to see a considerable level of engagement on the part of TDs in relation to mental health issues. The statements on suicide prevention – which stretched over a number of sessions and weeks, allowed for a more considered and in-depth look at a subject that is causing so much concern, fear and worry across the country.

This morning (11th May 2011) the See Change team briefed TDs and party staff on why we need to reduce the stigma of mental health problems, the kind of activities that work, and how they can help us achieve our goals. It was a really interesting session and we’re very grateful to both Barbara Brennan and Caroline McGuigan for telling their story, and explaining first-hand how stigma affected their recovery.

Thanks also to Vincent Browne for chairing proceedings. We engage on a very regular basis with politicians and policy makers, and we’ll keep you up to date about our efforts to ensure that stigma reduction stays firmly on the political agenda.


L-R: Vincent Browne, Caroline McGuigan, Kathleen Lynch TD, Barbara Brennan

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