Breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for the Most people to Write a story



It was awesome

It was ambitious

It was beyond our possibilities

It was an idea in a head

It was a foolhardy tread

It was way off beam

It was a See Change dream

It was planning and imprudence

It was perfect for college students

It was finding a location

It was an historic occasion

It was a white tarpaulin marquee

It was right up Fighting Words Street

It was a Vanuatu dare

It was the USI everywhere

It was an engineer’s nightmare

It was someone giving out the tickets

It was lots of markers in plastic packets

It was speed typing and PCs

It was Sarah looking for Sparky

It was 220 by ten twenty

It was polystyrene cups of tea

It was coffee in polystyrene cups

It was a fantastic octopus

It was Sarah wanting to be a clown

It was autumn sun shining down

It was a thousand yellow stress balls

It was students from all the halls

It was rock buns and sandwiches all around

It was a ream of newspaper going round

It was someone sharing the emerging plot

It was tickets in a plastic slot

It was queues winding out the door

It was on an overhead projector

It was improv theatre

It was Bank of Ireland water

It was Sarah in Kenya

It was Trinity fighting stigma

It was 601 by three forty three

It was Sarah losing her bikini bottoms

It was goody bags and free squashy brains

It was photographers flashing

It was school kids laughing

It was the Gardaí watching amused

It was the Provost looking bemused

 It was radios on a key ring locket

It was spaghetti falling out of a pocket

It was an adjudicator adjudicating

It was yellow tee shirts and freezing

It was TV3 filming for FYI

It was a technicolor butterfly

It was Barack Obama walking in

It was some well-known writers adding a line

It was muddy physics garden grass

It was a pair of neon disco glasses

It was two new politicians

It was metal crowd partitions

It was stigma busting glory

It was re writing Ireland’s story

It was Harry Potter in a parallel universe

It was stigma in reverse

It was 811 at six

It was an Illustrator drawing pics

It was Barbara saying we can recover

It was Ninja Turtles battling Shredder

It was a record breaker by seven thirty

It was the wooden floors very dirty

It was closing doors at eight

It was counting numbers to adjudicate

It was 953 at the final count

It was officially announced

It was shouts and yahoos all around

It was one hell of a sound

It was hugs and kisses in the tent

It was everybody spent

It was everybody dialling

It was everybody smiling

It was Sarah smiling to herself.

John Saunders

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