Shauna O’Connor
  Self-Care During a Global Pandemic By Sinéad Keating “When I initially thought about writing something for Green Ribbon 2020 I had presumed it would be centred around being pregnant with twins while having bipolar disorder. That experience alone has been overwhelming in a way I never could have imagined. But having that same experience in the...
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  “We’ve got you” Mondays Over the next coming weeks, to help maintain your mental health and navigate the current pandemic, we will be sharing the various supports and altered services our partners are providing. First up this week is our partner Aware. Below you will find information on their supports, volunteer opportunities, educational programmes...
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(audio recording of piece below) Covid-19 By Nick Groom “When we suffer from poor mental health, one of the last things we sometimes want to hear is, “Sure there are a lot of people feeling like that…” Not only can it feel very isolating, it can feel very dismissive too; that somehow what we are feeling...
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See Change Coordinator, Barbara Brennan “In this changing landscape we are being forced to re-evaluate everything in our lives in a way that we may not have done ever before, and certainly not as quickly as we are having to now. Having lived with wellness for so many years now, I have not become complacent...
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