The See Change ambassador programme is a group of people with lived experience of mental health difficulties, who use their story to challenge the stigma around mental health. Our ambassadors are a vital part of See Change and their expertise helps us change how we think and talk about mental health.

How to Get Involved

If you feel being an ambassador is the right fit for you, below are ways to get in contact with us.
  • You can fill in our contact form by clicking HERE
  • Another way is to simply contact us on or call 01 5413715


Need more information? Follow the links below and begin your journey on challenging stigma.
  • See Change believe that everyone’s mental health story is important and powerful. And through their programme and outreach, I learned that even my experience of mental health difficulties as a young woman can have an impact.

    Zoe Forde
  • I knew I had reached a significant moment when I was approached to become a See Change Ambassador. I had been talking about my lived experience where ever possible, getting the message of hope within recovery out there was Paramount. It had held me together long enough for progress to be made and I wished others the same chance.

    Nicola Hampson
  • My experience being a See Change Ambassador has empowered me, given me a confidence I did not have before—but mostly, it has given me an opportunity to contribute towards making a difference in changing the landscape, the stigma around mental health diagnosis, to meet some of the most wonderful, creative, smart humans, ever. And that feels special to me.

    Gormla Hughes
  • See Change was the perfect fit for me as their main goal is to challenge stigma around mental health problems. Since joining, I have met some wonderful, brave people in my fellow ambassadors, attended many of their events and have seen the positive changes the Green Ribbon campaign has made.

    Nicola Wall
  • In my life I never dreamed of being an Ambassador for anything. I love being a See Change Ambassador. My lived experience can actually help others.

    See Change Ambassador
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