About See Change

What we’re about

See Change is Ireland’s national programme working to change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. We’re working in partnership with over seventy organisations to create a disruptive, community driven social movement to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health problems. We’re passionate about equality, and part of our mission is to ensure that everyone enjoys the same rights on an equal basis.

What we want to achieve

  1. an environment where people can be more open and positive in their attitudes and behaviour towards mental health;
  2. greater understanding and acceptance of people with mental health problems;
  3. greater understanding and knowledge of mental health problems and of health services that provide support for mental health problems; and
  4. a reduction in the stigma associated with mental health problems and challenge discrimination.

Our messages

  • Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time during their lives
  • Mental health problems are part and parcel of being human
  • People with mental health problems can and do recover
  • People affected by mental health problems are entitled to the same human rights as everybody else in society without discrimination
  • Every person – whether you have been personally touched by mental health problems or not – has the power to help stop the stigma and discrimination of mental health problems

Our target audiences

Our key target groups for phase one of the campaign (2010-2012) were determined by the findings from our benchmark study, public attitudes to mental health problems (See Change, 2010). Those key target groups are:

  • young males 18-24
  • people in the workplace
  • farmers and people living in rural communities

Where we work

To achieve our objectives, See Change works within a number of inter-related settings. See Change is about finding the conversation, joining in and working with people and communities to change minds about mental health problems in Ireland. We take an approach that includes the following;

  • grassroots activity like town hall meetings, community events, supporting local groups
  • partner activity where we work with over 70 organisations to share capacity and mobilise change
  • online through campaigns like Make a Ripple, our social networks and our e-news service
  • workplace settings where we train employers and employees to promote positive attitudes to mental health

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