A time I experienced stigma for having an eating disorder by Bronagh Loughlin


A time I experienced stigma for having an eating disorder

by Bronagh Loughlin, See Change Ambassador

Ahead of Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2023, See Change Ambassador Bronagh Loughlin shares a time when she experience mental health stigma and judgement for living with an eating disorder and how this experience had a negative impact on her mental health:

“I remember I just started college, and the dreaded lunchtime was looming. I was with one of my new friends at the time, and we went into the café where everyone would eat. I ordered some food, but I was terrified to go and sit with a group to eat it.

“I told her about my eating disorder and said I’m not yet comfortable eating with the whole group. We went outside to eat, and she said no problem, I’ve been on a diet before too. It made me feel so upset to have my mental health difficulty minimised like this, especially considering how strong of a hold the eating disorder once had on my life and how it was some of the darkest years of my life.

“I was already at a point where I was happy to speak open about difficulties, but it did make me feel a bit apprehensive about talking about my eating disorder to just anyone for fear they may minimise the experience too.”


For eating disorder supports and services, contact BodyWhys:




If you are having a tough time at the moment and need to reach out for support, please contact any of the following

Shine: phil@shine.ie

Samaritans: 116123

Pieta House: 1800 247 247

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