8 ways to show your support during Green Ribbon month May 2015


The third annual Green Ribbon campaign, which encourages a national conversation about mental health, is happening throughout May 2015.

Pick up your free Green Ribbon at Irish Rail stations and Citizens Information Centres nationwide or if you’d like to order a box you can place your order through this form: https://docs.google.com/…/1MQj2Z5g5LEg9j…/viewform

Below you’ll find lots of images to download and deck out your profiles and websites in green for May. If you can’t download these images, they are available online at http://www.greenribbon.ie/show-your-support


Here are 8 ways you can show your support and help get the message out to your contacts: 

1) Add the Green Ribbon logo to your websites, pictures and correspondence:

Green Ribbon logo

Download here: ​

2) Wear the Green Ribbon on your profile picture

Add a ribbon badge to your social media profiles in 3 clicks here http://twibbon.com/support/green-ribbon-3

3) Book in advance to speak with one voice on National Time to Talk Day
Count yourself into this year’s Thunderclap challenge to build our impact throughout the month. We have set ourselves the goal of having over 500 social media users simultaneously posting about the Green Ribbon campaign on May 15th National Time to Talk Day https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/25702-national-timetotalk-day-2015 

4) Get a Green Ribbon banner for your own Facebook page:

 FB_Individual_colour (1)


Download here:

5) Get a Green Ribbon banner for your organisation’s Facebook page:


​Download here:​

6) Get the Green Ribbon email signature:


unnamed (2)
Download below or or If you’re using Gmail, simply add this URL to your signature settings: http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y350/SeeChangeSorcha/Email%20Banner%201_zpsc39xxpga.jpg​​

7) Add the Green Ribbon bloggers badge to your blog:

Blog badge_gr

Download here:​

8) Check out the green ribbon events nationwide http://www.greenribbon.ie/news-and-events/

Many thanks for your support,

The See Change team



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