July 16, 2020
  I Once Knew a Man by See Change Ambassador, Rick Rossiter   “I once knew a man, from the first glance I talked to him I knew him to be a good man.  His presence was seemingly still but you knew that it was immense.  His smile was endearing and yet mischievous in the...
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  Our Friend Ray by See Change Ambassador, Adrian Yeates   “Life is a precious gift, but we never know how long we’ve got,  The best any of us can do is to optimise our lot.  Some achieve spectacular heights, and many experience terrible lows,  But a true measure of worth, is how you treat others...
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A Message from Sandra Dillon, in Memory of Ray “When I think of Ray I struggle with the idea that Ray may have had to wear a mask to give the outside world the impression that he was managing, and yet in his darkest moments he remained steadfast. Sharing his inner belief with his See...
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In Memory of Ray A message from Shauna O’Connor, Partner & Volunteer Support Officer “1 month ago we lost one of our Ambassadors to suicide. Ray Treacy was with us since 2015, sharing his mental health experience in a powerful, humorous & thought-provoking way. My role as Volunteer Support Officer was made easier as Ray...
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