October 17, 2016
St Patrick’s Mental Health Services will be holding Galway’s first Mental Health and Wellbeing Fair at the Galway Bay Hotel, Salthill on Saturday 22nd October from 11am – 4pm. See Change will have an information stand at the event. Following on from the success of its first ever series of mental health and wellbeing fairs, which kicked...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Úna-Minh Kavanagh: When I started college, talking about your mental health wasn’t on the cards. With phrases like “mad in the head”, “psycho” and “looney” being thrown around casually, there was a sense that this wasn’t something to talk about or you’d be branded “one of them” too. I live with...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Hazel Larkin, for World Mental Health Day 2016: ‘As one warrior to another, I salute you,’ he said. More than anything else Dermot* had uttered during the call – which had lasted one hour and eight minutes – that statement arrested me.  I knew enough about Dermot to know that...
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