October 10, 2016
Written by See Change Ambassador Adam Coleman: What comes to mind when you think of Mental Health? Do any of us really understand it to the full extent? Why is it such a sensitive topic? These are all questions today’s generations should be asking themselves. There is no denying the importance of mental health today....
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To help mark World Mental Health Day See Change has launched its Green Ribbon Impact Report 2016. According to a nationally representative omnibus survey conducted on behalf of See Change, the Green Ribbon campaign – which takes place each May – has been successful in increasing conversations about mental health and combating stigma, with 9 in...
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  She put it away with her innermost treasures, folded, linen-like in the dark chest of empty scent bottles and mothballs. She stepped outside. If the warmth wasn’t there, she would pretend it. The anger was red, a furious glow, but all her life, she swallowed it in place of all else, the dainty canapés...
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