May 16, 2016
Written by See Change Ambassador David O’Connor: Measured by the directives of vulnerability in which meandering hesitancy has controlled a lack of action, I’ve been led back to bowers in my mind that I thought were buried and heavily overgrown. It was a bad week. The inspiring quotes, self-help techniques and online links that encourage...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Lucie Kavanagh: Dealing with myself this morning was like bargaining with a small child. I’ll get up…in five minutes. I’ll get dressed…only if it can be a tracksuit day (actually scratch the small child bit-they at least would care how they look). Today is also Mayo Day. I had decided...
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Written by See Change Ambassador Gormla Hughes: I don’t know if you have ever seen the film ‘Shawshank Redemption’.  Specifically the escape scene.  Andy Dufresne, one of its inmates makes his way out of the prison via the prison’s sewage system.  A very full sewage system.   My question for you then, is this,‘would you do it?’...
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